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Benifit Fitness uses scientifically based programs built around your body. Whether you are a total beginner or a professional athlete, our programs are tailored to fit your specific needs and goals.

  • Injury Prevention — Our number one goal is to do no harm.  We pride ourselves on training each person’s underdeveloped muscles and “weak links” to keep them injury free.

  • Proven Techniques — We use exercises and techniques followed by successful professional, division 1, and Olympic programs to help you excel in the gym, on the field, and at home.
  • Measurable Data — We keep well-kept records so that we can help you progress in the most efficient way possible.

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”What if I’m a total beginner?”]

Yes! We love working with beginners.  We’ll get to know you and your goals.  Then we’ll design the best strategy to get you there fast, safe, and healthy.  And we’ll make everything as easy as possible, answer all your questions, and be available anytime you get stuck.  Our goal is to make you 100% confident with exercise and nutrition.

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”What if I’m advanced?”]

No problem.  We’ve worked with fitness enthusiasts and athletes at the highest level including High School stars, Division 1  and professional athletes.  Many highly trained and experienced people have come to us for help because they’ve hit a plateau, or have mobility, stability, or flexibility issues.  Or they’re in a rut and need a change.  We take a fresh approach, define a new strategy, and get them results.  And we can do it for you, too.

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”Can you work around an injury?”]

Yes.  If you have existing injuries, pain, or other issues, please let us know.  Often times, we don’t need to work around them at all.  Instead, we will work to correct them.  Many problems can be fixed with the proper workouts.  Then, after you have a solid foundation, we will take the next step towards your goal.

[/mpc_accordion_tab][mpc_accordion_tab title=”How much time do I have to commit?”]

There is none.  It’s totally up to you, your schedule, and your unique goals.  We will customize everything to make it work even if you only have 1 free day a week.